Tariff Notice

August 30, 2019


Re: Tariffs on imports from China


Dear Customer:


President Trump recently announced that imports from China will be subjected to additional duties.

On September 1, 2019 approximately 1500 of our products that were not previously subject to tariffs will have a 15% duty imposed. In an effort to minimize the effect on you, Rhode Island Novelty will be holding the current pricing until September 27, 2019. The only exception during this grace period will be any custom order items. On September 30, 2019 these 1500 items will be repriced to reflect the new duties. 


On October 15, 2019 products that have been subjected to a 25% duty since May 10, 2019 will now be subjected to a 30% duty. This will affect 1477 of our items. Rhode Island Novelty will keep the current pricing in effect until November 2, 2019.


On December 15, 2019 the balance of items that were not subjected to a tariff will now have a 15% duty. No adjustments on pricing on these items will be made until after the additional tariffs go into effect.

We are hopeful that the current trade issues with China will soon be resolved, and that no additional adjustments to pricing due to tariffs will have to be made. 


Rhode Island Novelty